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      Start Monitoring your Machines, Labour Performance and Scrap in Real-time in Minutes

      How ThingTrax Works

      We Capture

      • Connect device under an hour
      • Completely wireless
      • Work with any machine

      We Analyse

      • Analyze downtimes
      • Real-time Production
      • Energy Usage Analyses

      You Act

      • Get Actionable Insights
      • Increase Efficiency
      • Save Energy

      About ThingTrax


      We are an Industrial IoT company focused on transforming the way manufacturing machinery is monitored, controlled and serviced.We are here to change this. Our differentiator is to provide an end to end service to the customer from devices to the cloud including low CAPEX rapid onboarding.
      We provide data capture devices which connect with various machine PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and motors. These devices send data to our cloud platform for analytics power through machine learning.

      Visualise and Control your Manufacturing process faster than any other Platform


      What Our Customers Say

      “Thingtrax provide us 360” view of our factories across the world which is accessible anytime anywhere.

      – Iplas – John Rilley

      “ThingTrax saved us money from day one”.

      – Ajay Ticku(Technical Director Bindal Technopolymer)

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