Thingtrax provides technology to improve line efficiency, enhanced by Vision AI. Our out-of-the-box, pre-integrated solution installs easily in any environment. Built exclusively for manufacturers, Thingtrax equips every employee, from leaders to line workers, with the information and insights they need to excel.

Cost-effective IoT

Capture data from anywhere.

Line Efficiency

Drive end-to-end line productivity optimisation.

Computer Vision

Maximise quality & minimise waste with AI.

Daily Management

Facilitate daily execution to achieve targets.

Insight for everyone

An executive dashboard for analysing productivity by line, team, or location. Equip leaders with strategic insights informed by trend reporting, and access to internal and external benchmarks.

A comprehensive platform designed to streamline and optimise your manufacturing processes, providing you with daily insights needed to oversee operations effectively and drive continuous improvement.

Optimise production schedules and resource allocation efficiently. Use data to anticipate bottlenecks, and schedule maintenance strategically to minimise downtime.

Visual dashboards to support operators, monitoring productivity and quality in real-time. Enable your teams to instantly identify issues, solve problems early, and optimise line efficiency.

Analyse productivity and trends to perfectly align product, people, and equipment in your production schedule. Schedule maintenance strategically to minimise downtime.

With real-time data and predictive analytics, engineers can monitor equipment performance and proactively identify potential issues. Enhance equipment reliability and lifespan while reducing maintenance costs.

Boost quality KPIs with in-line AI Vision. Spot deviations from quality standards in real-time, allowing teams to intervene promptly. Coordinate problem-solving and resolutions within the Thingtrax platform.

Thingtrax pairs real-time data from your factory floor with integrated processes based on WCM and Lean. Boost productivity through continuous improvement initiatives while building a high-performance culture.

Feature Highlights

Vision AI

Not all activity takes place within a machine. Empowered by AI, Thingtrax Vision captures any activity within your manufacturing estate, including labelling issues, product counts or quality issues.

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OEE Analysis

Thingtrax Productivity embeds OEE into a real-time view, making it easy to understand where inefficiency exists. With the ability to pinpoint bottlenecks, the next step is to address key issues in order to reduce waste.

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Line Efficiency

Measure line efficiency for the entire production line. Identify the spots where efficiency loss occurs in a production line. More importantly, Line Efficiency can identify the top losses impacting overall production.

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Daily Management

With clear, easy-to-follow templates for daily meetings, teams find it easy to adopt a consistent approach. Be empowered with a series of step-and-check workflows based on continuous improvement best practices.

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Meet Thingtrax at IFE 2024

25-27 March, ExCel, London Experience the future of manufacturing with Thingtrax at Stand 501, IFE Manufacturing Expo. Transform your production line with Thingtrax’s innovative solutions, specialising in shop floor data capture and vision systems. Meet our experts and unlock the potential of real-time data analytics to optimise efficiency and ensure product quality at every stage […]

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From Data to Decisions: Make Sense of Complex Manufacturing Data with Thingtrax

In today’s advancing manufacturing landscape, the ability to capture and utilise data effectively is not just a competitive advantage – it’s a necessity. As manufacturing processes become increasingly complex and data-driven, the challenge for industry leaders is no longer just about collecting vast amounts of data; it’s about transforming this plethora of information into actionable […]

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EVENTS Insights

Practical Solutions to Industry 4.0 Challenges

Highlights from our discussion with beverage manufacturing innovator, Southern Champion On February 7, 2024, Thingtrax partnered with Food Manufacture to host a live webinar, “Digital Transformation: Actionable Insights for Food and Beverage Manufacturers”. The session featured a presentation on industry megatrends from Thingtrax’s Allan Carney, as well as a fireside chat. The chat was moderated […]

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