The thingtrax Daily Management module brings Lean Six Sigma best practices to life in your organisation. Quick, standardised daily meetings are a core practice, with the team rallying around shared goals and performance data. Tasks are clearly owned and tracked, leading to improved accountability and the evolution of a problem-solving culture.


At the heart of the thingtrax Daily Management module are digital functions to support team-based daily huddles. Daily Management brings consistency and organisation-wide visibility to this process. With clear, easy-to-follow templates for daily meetings, teams will find it easy to adopt a consistent approach. Leaders gain new visibility into the inner-workings of their enterprise, allowing them to review meeting minutes, track team progress against KPIs, identify problems, and perhaps most importantly, assess the organisation’s progress toward becoming a high-performance culture


Teams can assign tasks to specific owners immediately, providing clear ownership accountability. Tasks are then reviewed at each huddle to ensure continued progress toward resolution. In addition to productivity improvements generated by the team, a disciplined approach to task management provides valuable documentation of issues related to non-compliance or performance issues. Teams are empowered to solve problems using the suite of tools in Daily Management, and leaders have a clear view of the team’s progress.


A shared and consistent set of processes ensures the organisation is using one best way of working. Daily Management includes a series of step-and-check workflows based on continuous improvement best practices. Leaders can be sure that no one is inventing their own method of established processes like Gemba walks, 5S inspections, quality inspections or leader standard work. Teams also have flexibility to define custom processes to support their unique needs. Shared, consistent processes drastically reduce rework, tighten compliance rigour, reduce training time, and help maximise the effort of every employee.


Scheduling ensures important processes don’t fall by the wayside, and Daily Management supports a multitude of scheduling options. Teams can assign and schedule multi-step processes such as audits, quality inspections, Gemba walks, and accident reporting. Specific criteria can be defined as the trigger for a scheduled process, such as machine utilisation, time, product information, quantity, or responsible person. Employees benefit from having proactive visibility on upcoming tasks, and everyone benefits from improved compliance procedures as well as heightened efficiency and productivity.


Daily Management’s reporting capabilities create a rich source of insight for leaders, as well as a repository to support audit trail requirements. Track KPI progress across multiple teams. Assess meeting compliance across all teams, deriving a culture score that represents the company’s progress toward a high-performance model. Drill in on specific meetings to explore key issues and the actions taken. Explore trends to reveal evolving patterns over time.



Daily meetings have consistent purpose and clarity


Ambiguity is resolved when tasks are clearly assigned to an owner


Repeatable processes embed best practices across the organisation


Teams have the tools and processes to bring out their best performance



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