Empowering Efficiency: Thingtrax
Vision for Manufacturing Excellence


Thingtrax Vision, utilising cameras in manufacturing offers several advantages, including real-time monitoring for prompt issue identification, automated data collection for accurate OEE calculations, quality control and defect detection. It is fast to deploy and avoids costly and slow integrations with machines, helping to quickly enable manufacturers to enhance production efficiency, making them more competitive.

Manual Assembly

Utilising advanced camera systems strategically positioned atop the station, we gain the ability to meticulously monitor the step by-step procedures executed by operators during manual assembly processes. These state-of-the-art technologies offer invaluable insights into the cycle time, enabling us to optimize and enhance efficiency.

Defect Detection

Thingtrax vision technologies are capable of conducting comprehensive assessments, continuously scrutinizing for potential mechanical or other defects. We can use this advanced monitoring system to proactively identify any imperfections that may arise during production, allowing swift action to rectify any issues.

Health and Safety

Deployed throughout the factory floor, our cameras are equipped with advanced detection and recognition capabilities. This
allows the identifcation and verification of operators who are not adhering to essential safety protocols. Notifications are relayed in real-time to the portal, ensuring immediate visibility and automatic reporting of compliance status.

Real-time tracking & Monitoring

Leveraging advanced visual recognition algorithms, Thingtrax vision technology offers precise object tracking and counting capabilities. We can efficiently and accurately monitor the movement and quantify the quantity of any desired object within a field of view, gathering essential data, to enhance operational efficiency, and make well-informed decisions.


Thingtrax Vision is quick to deploy and requires no integration with factory machines. Any camera with a RTSP support can be used to record data. Our team of experts work with you to configure the AI model , which is trained in 7 days. Once live all of data and reports are displayed in a web-based dashboard.


Implementing Thingtrax Vision in your factory brings a range of valuable benefits. By harnessing advanced camera technology strategically placed within the production process, real-time monitoring becomes possible, ensuring prompt identification of any potential issues. The system’s automated data collection provides accurate measurements of crucial metrics, ensuring that only top-quality products make it to the market, minimising waste and maximising customer satisfaction. The system’s fast deployment and seamless integration eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming machine integrations, enabling swift adoption and immediate impact on production efficiency.