Connecting production data and teams together to increase your bottomline

Our MES, OEE, and AI Vision software captures data from all stages of production to create a fully connected and aligned workforce.

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How we help your business

Increased bottom-line

Maximised production efficiency

Decreased energy and wastage costs

Faster time to market

Connected and aligned teams

Streamlined CapEx and OpEx decision making

“Thingtrax has been instrumental for us to operate in a highly process led and target driven manufacturing environment. Being able to remotely access live machine data and pinpoint complications has enabled us to operate more efficiently and profitably than we thought possible.”

Empower your workforce and grow your bottomline

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  • Seamlessly connect together every aspect of your production process, both digital and analogue
  • Enable your workforce to take ownership for targets
  • Gain instant visibility of performance and trends

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