Connect your manufacturing together and improve your bottom-line

With Thingtrax, plastics manufacturers connect plant and operational processes together to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve bottom line.

From one platform, business leaders and operators get a unified view of metrics in real-time to enable swift and proactive decision making.

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As the leading smart technology solution, we connect your manufacturing processes together to enable you to make intelligent decisions to drive your business forward.

Real Time Visibility at your fingertips:

Manufacturing performance at every level, from individual site to process or machine

Individual and team activity

Performance benchmarking, KPI and trend analysis

Why Customers love us

Increased bottom-line

Maximised production efficiency

Decreased energy and wastage costs

faster time
to market

high-performance culture

Streamlined CapEx & OpEx decision making

We’re the only truly integrated single-version of truth data platform on the market for the modern CEO…

“I now have visibility that I never had before, which gives me the ability to have the right conversations with the right people. Thingtrax gives me control.”

Rob Stutzman

Divisional Chief Executive Officer, Carclo Technical Plastics

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