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      Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting

      Performing as a link between the physical and digital world, IoT provides huge opportunities for the organizations. We at ThingTrax help clients to efficiently work on IoT technology, solutions, customers and vendors through best ever business model.
      Founded in 2016, ThingTrax is a consulting firm specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), providing to clients expertise of IoT markets and technologies.


      We approach our customers’ needs quickly, perceiving that change is a characteristic piece of the IoT improvement cycle. We continually screen the business to keep you in front of any new innovative improvements, giving you the prescience to settle on more educated vital choices. We create reports specifying the market estimate, focused scene, key applications and centre advancements required with the goal for you to accomplish your IoT destinations

      ThingTrax IoT Capabilities

      IoT Consulting Services

      We help clients efficiently capitalise on IoT technology and linking technology, solutions, vendors and customers through a holistic business model. Our Expertise in industry 4.0 helps our clients to create new revenue streams in the shortest possible time

      IoT Support & Maintenance

      ThingTrax manages more than 1800 devices across 5 different continents and adding around 2000 devices every year to its portfolio. Our end to end services helps clients outsource device shipment, provisioning, maintenance and support

      Industry 4.0

      Apply cognitive solutions to help optimise all functions of manufacturing operations.ThingTrax is expert in smart manufacturing solutions using IoT. Our expert consultants can leverage any cloud platform and deliver a quality solution in very less time

      Why and How IoT is Important

      Manufacturers that move to overcome the needed transformation today will position themselves as future leaders in their markets.
      Machines that can process and interpret data leads to automated production processes that are flexible to adapt on the fly to changing the environment. Internet of Things can provide you with Smart factory warehousing applications, connected logistics, industrial smart security systems, remote and predictive maintenance, energy consumption optimization. IoT provides more service lives compared to independent devices. The internet will disappear as we immerse our environment into it, it will be everywhere that it becomes part of us. As the Internet of Things becomes more of a reality in many industries, knowing more about the technologies and processes of the Internet of Things can position you as a top resource for your customers. Just like any company which ignored the internet when it came, don’t be foolish enough to ignore the Internet of Things. Next wave of industrialization will be via sensors and data, be quick to catch on.
      Integrated industrial internet of things creates smart, self-regulating systems and production environments
      We help you in the automated management system using IoT and analytics which paves the way for major improvements
      Utilization of business resources with predictive planning and optimal performance.
      We help you to monitor real-time supply chain visibility, security and fraud detection, which can translate to better operations.
      Information on tap, that all your belongings are at your control from anywhere in the world.