Our unique all-in-one solutions allow you to seamlessly monitor motor, machine, and employee-workflow patterns and parameters. Using collected information, the Smart Cloud analytics can alert the user of deterioration in motors and machines before a breakdown actually occurs.

Actionable Insight

Fully integrated software on Web and Mobile for labour planning, real-time dwell time & labour vs machine efficiency

  • Dashboard

The collected and analysed data is presented to shop floor managers through a personalised dashboard, which allows real-time tracking, remote configuration, and optimisation of machine parameters. Furthermore, historical data can be stored for reference and audit purposes.


Real-time alerts are sent through the dashboard when anomalies are detected, allowing for proactive preventative maintenance to take place and thus prolonging the life of factory machines.


Tracking equipment and labour efficiency in real-time, other efficiency based specific KPIs for motors and other assets are tracked and analysed in real-time to help manufacturers achieve efficiency.