Kubernetes & Docker

What Is Docker and Container platforms?

Docker containers enable the rapid development of applications and Kubernetes delivers those applications at high velocity.

We build and tune high-performance container platforms and can containerize most applications to support rapid and continuous application development and deployment.

ThingTrax has helped some of the largest companies with container adoption. Containers allow organizations to innovate quickly, enabling application release and updates more frequently than ever before.

Our docker experts, including a Docker Captain and Docker Certified Associates, help you through this process; determining the proper tools, developing the correct architectures, ensuring optimal deployment to avoid painful mistakes. When we’re done, your team will be leveraging modern infrastructure tools to support a new class of services. Our team has deployed production Kubernetes, Swarm, ECS, GKE and Mesos on-premises and in the cloud.

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Working with stakeholders on where and how containers should be used.

Keeping in mind value of your existing investments and current application architecture, modernizing your solution and optimizing it for containers and DevOps

Using best practices to build and deliver applications using containers and DevOps practices.

Work with stakeholders to ensure container and kubernetes platform are managed efficiently in production.

Why Choose ThingTrax for Docker and Container platforms?

Capacity to incorporate Docker with different applications

Agile Docker advancement and venture technique

Shared, straightforward and open customer centered approach

In-house, front-end masters: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts, Designers

Quick, financially savvy Docker improvement administrations

Thorough quality affirmation testing before “Go-Live” occasions

Unparalleled open innovation skill and experience

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