Cloud Computing Consulting

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing. Cloud computing is a better way to run your business. In our daily routine we have a tendency to use this cloud service without our notice like web-based email service, watching movies through the internet, writing documents, storing photos etc uses cloud computing on the back-end.

Using such cloud technology we are able to style and make new applications, store and recover information, hosting the websites etc.
Cloud computing is the use of software, storage and server over the internet.

Where you can execute commands in powerful machines placed in a different place. Cloud Computing is Cost and Time saving for Organizations and even start-ups.

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Our cloud computing consultancy is your best technology advisor.
The Strategic assistance provides the path way to world changing ideas.

We approach migration from multiple perspectives, including the value of your existing investments and current application architecture, modernising your solution and optimising its contribution to stated and implied business goals.

Every great product has great engineering in its building blocks.
We help you to build with taste and purpose.

We help businesses optimize performance and costs across their application portfolios, consolidating infrastructure to achieve higher visibility, standardize operating environments and refine resources to increase performance across workloads.

Why Choose ThingTrax for Cloud Computing?

Our work is to provide better understanding of Information Technology. Technology can be used to automate various tasks at work, this automation will guarantee efficiency and will also increase on production at work.
Cloud computing systems are generally designed to track intact all system resources. This, in turn, allows providers to charge customers fees proportional to their network, storage, and process utilization.
Some customers prefer this metered billing approach to saving cash, whereas others can like a flat-rate subscription to confirm inevitable monthly or yearly prices.
Using a cloud computing environment typically, needs you to send information over the internet and store it on a third-party system. The privacy and security risks related to this model should be weighed against the advantages versus alternatives.

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