Digital Manufacturing Platform Features

AI Powered Manufacturing Platform

Manufacturing Platform Features

Devices to Capture Anything from Anywhere Across Your Plant

Plug and play devices and sensors​

​Our wireless plug and play devices and intelligent cameras help manufacturers capture data from any machine, processes, assembly lines and work area ​

Thingtrax Devices to Capture Data from Machine

Global Operations View​

Benchmark across plants and Industry​​

​Gain a real-time view of all the plants and processes in real-time. Benchmark processes, equipment and other critical data across industry.​

Visibility & Analytics ​Across the Plant​

Connect legacy and new equipment​

​Create digital twin of your plants, assembly lines, machines, operators, and processes using our purpose-built digital twin. Receive actionable insight which saves you money from day one.

Real-time Labour Location and Cost Monitoring​​

No RFID or device required. It just works.​​

​Get real-time insights on costing of each job, locate preciously where quality and maintenance teams are working, manage more people with less managerial staff. Guaranteed to save more than 30% of staff management cost.​​​

Smart Job Planning​​​

Production planning and scheduling powered by AI​​​

​Get more order per machine. ThingTrax optimize your plan and schedule in real-time based on live and historical data. Its guaranteed to increase throughput and reduce job change time.​​​​

Energy Management​

Real-Time energy consumption data and analysis​​​​

​Reduce energy cost and create sustainable operations. ThingTrax out of the box built-in energy monitoring solution helps manufacturers in more than one way, helps save money, optimize processes, demand response and forecasting.​​​​​

Real-Time Health and Safety Monitoring ​​

Powered by AI vision, plug and play camera hardware​​​​​

​Capture and report health and safety breaches in real-time. Industry only Digital Manufacturing Platform which helps manufacturers manage risks, being compliant and saves money from the day one.​​​​​​

Enterprise Ready Tested at Scale​​​

1. Cutting edge digital manufacturing AI enabled platform​

2. Adopted by global enterprises​

3. Accelerated digitalisation journey​

4. Digital technology platform works across processes and machine types

5. Open API – build to integrate