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      We are excited to announce that we have started making a new office in Pakistan and our team will move to a new location very soon. Our old office has served us well, but we are growing successfully so we need more space. 

      There are some more reasons for moving or it’s better to say some benefits of a new office that motivated us are 


      As our team is growing so we decided to find a place, which gives more opportunities for expansion. The new office offered more square footage; moreover, it admitted us to rethink our layout. We can start from scratch by buying new computers and office equipment that better fit our team. We have taken the full floor to make a better layout. 


      We have planned to make new office rooms much larger and give our staff a greatly improved working environment. We aim to make the working day of every member cozy, easy and enjoyable; make them feel at home and provide a friendly atmosphere. 


      The new space in Izmir Town is near to a dozen great restaurants, different coffee shops and bakeries. The building is new, I hope we’ll make a good aura. 

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