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      Location: Lahore
      Job Title: IoT Developer
      Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Relevant Field

      Essential skills:

      • Experience with Python and knowledge of C# or C/C++ is a plus
      • Linux operating system knowledge.
      • Agile environment Familiarity .
      • TDD Familiarity.
      • Open source development tools and methodology understanding.
      • Embedded systems security mechanisms.
      • Strong debug and problem-solving skills using the latest tools.
      • Developing and debugging multi-threaded and/or multi process code.
      • Ability to understand complex issues and discuss them via phone, email and other methods.
      • Flexible, can-do approach.
      • Consultancy or other customer facing role.

      Desired additional Skills:

      • Fresh.
      • Networking protocols and standards including TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, UPnP, DLNA, HLS or MPEG-DASH.
      • Worked on secure interfacing with head-end systems.
      • Scrum methodologies.

      Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Solid debugging and problem-solving skills
      • Software design with input all the way up to architectural design.
      • Working at all layers of the product stack.

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