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      Location: Lahore
      Job Title: Android Developer
      Qualification: Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering

      We are seeking a dynamic and highly motivated Android Developer with 3+ years of experience to work with a highly motivated and capable team creating Industrial Internet of Things solution.

      Essential Skills

      • 3+ years of programming and development experience on Android platform.
      • Understanding of VPN, VPNService, Strongswan (if possible), Running tasks/processes on device.
      • Able to work independently and should be able to do research and development.
      • Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes.
      • Strong knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices.
      • Understanding of Googles Android design principles and interface guidelines.
      • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect Android applications to back-end services.
      • Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning.
      • Knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks.
      • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.
      • Should have worked on HTTPS apis.
      • Should have developed SDKs/Libraries.

      Additional Desired Skills & Competencies

      • Highly desired agile Scrum development, use of GitHub or TFS
      • Experience in other mobile development framework and IOS

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