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      ThingTrax is pleased to announce the launch of its new digital edition on Android based tablet devices.

      ThingTrax is an Industrial IoT company focused on transforming the way manufacturing machinery is monitored, controlled and serviced. Using AI Platform, we provide companies real-time visibility & analytics, real-time labour location and cost monitoring, Job Planning, real-time health and safety monitoring using devices to capture anything from anywhere using plug and play devices and sensors.

      ThingTrax App Features

      The app is designed to run on a stand against a single machine. It combines OEE, Job and Detail Machine dashboards into a single view.

      The features include:

      • View live OEE and Current running job and progress.
      • Move jobs (protected by supervisor password)
      • Cycle time trend analysis chart
      • Update downtime reasons
      • Add Scrap/Rejection
      • App Platform

      App Platform:

      1. Live OEE tile, shift progress chart and job queue
      OEE tile

      2. Shows the current production, rejection and energy consumed in real-time

      Energy Dashboard

      3. View cycle time trends for last four hours

      Cycle time Trends

      4. View detail parameter trends such as injection time, cooling times, etc

      injection time

      5. Set supervisor password and update the machine the tablet is installed on

      supervisor password setting dashboard