Month: September 2019

Smart Vision System

The Value of AI in Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in use across a variety of sectors, and manufacturing is no different. The value-added AI provide in safety, efficiency and cost savings is incredibly valuable for any business.   The manufacturing industry is constantly under pressure to increase productivity to remain profitable and at the same time prioritise safety whilst […]

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ThingTrax Factory Smart Vision System has helped Manufacturing Firms reduce Accidents and save Costs

Machine vision-based solutions monitor and alert to production and safety issues in real-time London, UK, 13 September 2019 – Factory Smart Vision System (FSVS) is a collaboration between manufacturing firm RGE Group (RGE) a trade injection moulder, and ThingTrax, an Industrial IoT company. FSVS has recently completed a successful pilot at RGE’s Whittsley site, which […]

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